Our Services

For more than 23 years Mexicomatters has provided legal and administrative services to protect foreign investors in Mexico:

  • Due diligence, escrow and title insurance (First American Title) to assure a safe property purchase.
  • Establishment of Bank Trusts to guarantee ownership rights of foreign owned coastal Real Estate.
  • Federal Zone concessions to provide protection of beach frontage.
  • Establish 100% foreign owned corporations to buy property fee simple and operate a commercial venture in Mexico.
  • Immigration documentation and accounting
  • Negotiate joint ventures between foreigners and Mexicans
  • Provide assistance to foreign developers of real estate-business plans, permits, contracts with architects and contractors, financing and marketing.

Mexicomatters has been a pioneer in educating the foreign investor about how to invest safely and successfully: Seminars, our complete guide to investing website, a directory of reliable Mexican service providers, a weekly radio program and video productions of Baja real estate opportunities.