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Mexico Real Estate

A comprehensive guide to foreign investment law and securing a safe purchace. Recomendations and a brief history of what's occurring in mexican real estate, principly Baja California.

Table of Contents

Ensenada, La Perla del Pacifico

San Felipe Airport

Donald Trump, just American another gansger in baja

Baja real estate, A process to get the best deal.

Mexican real estate, is it safe?.

San Felipe real estate, finally bustin loose.

Baja property titles, confusing to foreign buyers.

Fideicomiso - Bank Trust

Beware of baja real estate "professionals"

Mexico Title Insurance

Title insurance in Mexico application form

Beach property barganis in baja, foreigners can enjoy all the benefits and security of ownershiop

What can go wrong in a gringo - mexican real estate transaction

Punta Banda "the real story" (200 americans lost their luxury beach homes)

Pat Butler In San Felipe, 5,000 foreigners, benefit from a historic lease to purchase windfall

Avid Surfers, fishermen land great real estate bargains in remote baja fishing camps

Untold secrets about punta banda, where 200 US investors lost $80 million

Ensenada Real Estate 2005

Property financing in Mexico (financing real estate)

Taxes in Mexico - Seller and Buyer Taxes on a Transfer of Property Title

Buy real estate in Mexico (Yes virginia, you can buy beach property safely)

Holding title in a foreign owned mexican corporation

San Felipe Realtors Association - Where will billions of San Felipe real estate dollars end up?

Ensenada Wine Country Real Estate - Valle de Guadalupe

Notarios are not infallable - Baja Mexico Notarios

How to buy ejido land safely in Mexico

Baja norte real estate market entering 2007

Baja California real estate, a retrospective 1984 to 2008

Recession and oppresion cause border economies to suffer

THE REAL BAJA REAL ESTATE MARKET (2008-2009), Should I buy or should I wait?


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