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Ensenada Wine Country Real Estate - Valle de Guadalupe

by Jose Perez

The real buzz in Ensenada real estate is about the wine country. Just 20 minutes northeast of downtown is the Valle de Guadalupe – Napa Sonoma 50 years ago. The area is home to world class winemakers who are winning gold medals for their efforts in competition with U.S. and European vintners. The area attracts winemakers from all over the world who want to exploit the ideal climate, soil conditions, water and –most of all - the reasonably low land prices.

An acre of wine grapes in Napa-Sonoma is over a million per. In the Valle de Guadalupe $80,000.00 per acre. If you can find acreage with mature vines already planted, you’re in luck. Most planted acreage has been bought by L.A. Cetto, Domecq, Monte Xanic and a hand full of others. Most investors are buying raw land priced from twenty five to eighty five thousand dollars. They are considering the 5 to 7 year maturation period for cultivating decent wine producing vines.

ensenada wine countryThe annual wine festival which starts earlier and ends later every year – now June through September, brings tens of thousands of tourists to enjoy dance, music, good food and great wines every weekend. In addition, the unobstructed starlight and the valley’s warm summer nights captivate more wine lovers into living here.

Thanks to Stewart and First American, title insurance is becoming more of a standard among developers where once it was the exception. Fidelity Title can also serve Mexico but have all but disappeared in terms of promoting their product.

The risk to investors who secure title insurance is no longer one of title disputes. The study process, title companies require, practically eliminates the loss of property because of errors or omissions in title transfer. If title is subject to indemnification, U.S. courts enforce same; since it is a U.S. company serving an American citizen or other foreigners.

If you consider only properties that are title insurable you have eliminated a major threat to your investment but another risk exists for folks who buy homes or condos unfinished. The risk is incompletion of infrastructure and or habitat. Performance bonds in Mexico are very expensive and rarely in place.

Insist that your realtor provide due diligence on the developer’s history and that construction goals are being met in a reasonable time frame. The real estate bargains of a lifetime can be yours in Baja.


Mexicomatters is a consulting firm specializing in real estate transactions and title insurance – agents for Global Title – issuing agent for First American Title.

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