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Investing in baja ocean front (BCMP) / Baja California Meeting Point

Rosarito Beach, Tijuana and Ensenada Corridor. Baja California, Mexico - October 2005

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Baja California ocean front realtors report a boom in property sales to U.S. investors. The reasons: economics (better bang for your buck), tranquility and a better less restricted life style. Changes in Mexico's foreign investment laws and the institutionalization of properties by U.S. title Insurance companies (First American and Stewart), provides a new confidence among foreign investors. The same title insurance companies, protecting your home in the U.S. protect your home in Mexico.

All this investor’s interest in Baja has spawned a series of seminars that are intended to inform and educate the foreign investor in Baja Mexico on how to do it safely and to secure their investment with title insurance.

baja ocean frontOn October seventh, eighth and ninth of this year, Baja realtors and developers are presenting a Baja real estate expo. Buyers will find an array of safe investments in Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada. Billed as a Baja California Meeting Point (BCMP) the expo is utilizing the slogan “Investing In Baja’s Oceanfront”. The event’s sponsors include realtors, title companies, The Secretary of Tourism of Baja California and the municipal governments of Tijuana, Rosarito and Ensenada.

The objective of this expo is to promote ocean access or ocean front properties for sale in Baja California, located on the “Gold Coast” corridor between Tijuana and Ensenada Mexico.

Rosarito will be the host city for “Baja California Meeting Point” on the eighth and ninth at the Rosarito Beach Hotel. This two day conference and expo is directed at the individual Baja home or lot buyer.

On the seventh, Tijuana will be the host for the Baja California Meeting Point “Investing In Baja’s oceanfront”. This one day is set aside for the macro investor interested in developing: subdivisions, golf coursess, marinas, theme parks, resorts and airports.

Just remember, the last rule of thumb is buy title insurance. It is very affordable and will help you sleep better. If you are interested in Baja real estate you can call us for a free consultation on your investment options.

Updated May 13th 2006

The real estate expo 2006 Rosarito Baja California

The Baja's oceanfront real estate expo will start on Friday May 19 through Sunday May 21 of this year and will take place at the Rosarito Beach Hotel, in Rosarito Beach Baja Califronia Mexico.

Featuring oceanfront real estate developments on the coast of Baja California, from Tijuana to Ensenada Mexico and free seminars on how a foreigner can invest in Mexico

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