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Medical Services & Natural Healing in Baja Mexico

Medical Services in Baja

We frequently get calls and e mails requesting a recommended qualified medical/dental service provider in Baja. Those requests are increasing. Rising costs and bureacracy, in the U.S. medical nonsenscal system, has displaced millions of Americans from securing quality and affordable medical and dental care.

We have a list of doctors who have treated yours truly, Jose Amate, my family members (12 siblings and dozens of cousins, nieces and nephews). All the doctors and dentists mentioned here and in our quali-casa directory are friends. That's what happens in a successful doctor-patient relationship in Mexico. In the United States those friendships are rare


Table of contents

Ensenada Dentist A Comparative Costs of Vet Care in U.S. and Mexico

Ensenada Dentist The Ayahuasca Experiment

Ensenada Dentist Ask the Doctor: Dr. Miguel Ortiz - Dentist in Ensenada Baja

Ensenada Dentist Veterinary Care in Baja (75% Savings and excellent Doctors)

Ensenada Dentist Cultural differences and medical care - Mexico & USA

Ensenada Dentist Ask the Dentist: Dr. Sam, Professional Dental services in Ensenada, Baja Mexico

Ensenada DentistAsk the Dentist: Dr. Ruben Chanes, specialist in periodontal "gum" disease

Baja Stetic Breast Reconstruction in Baja California, sanner, safer, better and one fifth of the States costs

Baja Orthopedics Ask the Doctor: Dr Francisco Palacios - Orthopedist in Baja Mexico

Ensenada Opticals Ask the Doctor: Dr. Rafel Chavez Montaño - Optometrist in Ensenada Baja


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Medical Services in Baja

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