“ And get your butt off the FEAR GRID”

“You can enjoy a higher standard of living in Mexico. With far less money- you can enjoy greater freedom and security than in the United States of America.”

“ And get your butt off the FEAR GRID”

“You can enjoy a higher standard of living in Mexico. With far less money- you can enjoy greater freedom and security than in the United States of America.”

LeRoy Jose Amate, born in Oakland – Baja resident since 1985

Get out of the rat race
Get out of the rat race

The United States is filled with fear. Fearful of a relatively small army of Islamic fanatics, spread around the globe. Like “illegal aliens”, unstoppable in penetrating her borders. But unlike undocumented workers, they come not to live, but to die. Infiltrating borders is unnecessary, given the omnipresent U.S. fanatics, known and unknown (i.e. James Read). An attack from within, is perhaps more probable.

Fifteen of the eighteen 9-11 suicide-terrorists, were living and taking flying lessons in several different U.S. cities. Fanatic Islamic clerics and jihad are recruiting homeboys in neighborhoods throughout the Western world. Recruits, who will martyr themselves, with equal zeal, as their brethren in Pakistan or Yemen.

Thirty to forty million Americans are afraid of dying of a disease, or an uninsurable “precondition” that could be treated if they could afford it. If they have health insurance, they live with reasonable fears of joining the uninsured. And, the added fear that no health reform protection is likely; given the power of the insurance lobby and partisan politics.

Fear of job loss has been replaced by the fear of not finding a job. One half of the folks unemployed have been without a job for four months or more. Loss of homes, insufficient food and family integrity has affected Americans, in numbers, not seen since the 1930’s depression.

Fear of natural disasters has transgressed into fear of unnatural disasters. Climate change and over development, has created unnecessary risk to residents in flood plains and hurricane zones. The destruction, resulting from compromised urban planning and poorly maintained infrastructure, is a national disgrace.  Developer profit and the municipalities’ hunger for property tax revenues, has taken priority over safety and consumer protection. Fear increases in direct proportion to greater and more frequent devastation from ‘mother nature”. And, the inability of government to prevent or minimize the consequences of these disasters.

Trust, in America, has been replaced by fear of “big government”. Bureaucracies have become bloated, uncaring and incompetent. Many are obsolete and unnecessary, providing no measurable benefit. Government appears unable to manage anything right: the economy, medical care, wars, foreign diplomacy, political and corporate corruption (Bernie Madoff, Enron), response to disaster, education, security, transportation, infrastructure, social services, the environment, you name it.

It would be humorous, if not so pathetic, that an Anglo couple, with all the appearances of wealth and power, could clear security and gain unauthorized access to the President during his first state dinner at the White House. The incompetence and mismanagement in our institutions and “protection agencies” scares the hell out of all of us. If someone, potentially dangerous, could get that close to the President, or board an airplane with an explosive in his underpants, our fears of more security breaches in the future are real.

The impotence of government and it’s dependence on the “military-industrial complex” has created a real fear that corporate America rules and the man on the street had better just “suck it up”. It ain’t gonna get better. We now practice a form of “passive complicity”, expecting to suffer more avarice from those wielding the power.

Fat cats get fatter while citizens are deprived of more rights, less public service and increasingly onerous taxation. Warren Buffet complains that his secretary pays a higher percentage of her income in taxes than he does because of tax loopholes and welfare benefits allowed the rich. Don’t get me started on the banks.

The above fears are real, based on facts. And the subsequent results of these grim realities are everywhere. There are solutions – but don’t hold your breath. The fear about Mexico for U.S. citizens is different than those outlined above. The fears of visiting or living here are based on hysteria, enflamed by a media that is no longer committed to balanced and factual reporting.

Despite the yellow journalism , that surrounds the reported violence in Mexico, U.S. and Canadian citizens are retiring here in record numbers. Prime reason – simple economics. You can enjoy a higher standard of living in Mexico with far less money, greater freedom, and far less risk to your health and personal security than you can in the United States of America. Don’t believe me, ask the one million retirees who live in Mexico.

Rosarito, Baja California, depends almost entirely on tourism and vacation – retirement, condo developments. The economy of Rosarito has been ruined by press reports about police corruption and the encroachment of drug related violence from Tijuana. What the press doesn’t report is that Mayor Hugo Torres, a non politician, won election in 2,008. Entering office with commitment and a plan to “clean house”. To eliminate criminality in the police department. And to create a secure Rosarito. He has succeeded.

Mayor Torres immediately fired the police chief and one half of the uniformed officers. The former chief’s replacement is Jorge Montero. A former Captain in Mexico’s special forces. He graduated first in his class at the Mexican Military Academy and has an impeccable record of honesty, discipline and dedication to service.

Police Chief Montero recruited new young officers, who were not contaminated by the previous corps. In addition to the replacements, the force was increased by eighty additional officers. The entire department has now been trained by the San Diego Police Academy and the FBI. Stricter discipline was resisted by the officers, in the beginning. But, Montero has demonstrated its effectiveness and has won the respect of his officers. With the support of the mayor, salaries were raised to prevent the seeking and acceptance of bribes. And, the officers have been adequately equipped, for the first time, with state of the art surveillance technology.

The “good news” results are in, but not likely to be reported in the San Diego Press. The Union (I call it the S.D. Onion) and the Channel 10 “investigative” news team, focus only on drug violence. In 2009, Rosarito’s incidence of crime lowered more than any previous year (21%). The lowest crime rate in five years. Mayor Torres and Chief Montero are duly proud of their accomplishments. And, the citizens of Rosarito, including a large ex pat community, are grateful for the improved security they now enjoy.

U.S. media have not reported the major advances that have truly made Baja safer than ever. No news about Rosarito dedicating a special force of English speaking tourist police. English speaking cops trained to truly behave as a servant to the public, especially visitors. A patrol car and “tourist officers” are assigned to every two kilometers of the 17 km. Rosarito tourist corridor. Response time is incredibly fast. Video cameras record every intervention. Video recordings re enforce quality of service and help identify training needs. This special force is on duty three shifts per day, seven days a week.

Violence in Mexico is not aimed at tourists or foreigners. The victims are rich Mexicans. They are kidnapped because the kidnappers know their net worth and which family members to call in order to assure ransom payment.

Of course a drug war exists along the border. Drug dealers and police are the targets not tourists or U.S. retirees. There are three other wars that affect U.S. citizens: Iraq, Afghanistan and the streets of your town – U.S.A. Sorrowfully, in Iraq and Afghanistan five thousand soldiers have been killed in the last five years. During this same period, twenty seven thousand Afro American males were gunned down and killed on our streets. And, additional thousands more Latinos, whites and Asians. They would have been safer had we sent them to Baghdad. I, my family members and friends, feel safer and are safer, on the streets of Baja Califonia when compared to any city North of the border.

Get into the turtle race
Get into the turtle race


Baja Calfornia homes, in a middle class and safe neighborhood, begin at seventy thousand dollars. Beach homes, in secure, gated communities start at $150,000.00. Property taxes on my six bedroom 2 bath Baja home are one hundred dollars per year. Costs for dental, veterinary and medical care are one half to 80% less in Baja. A foreigner can purchase full coverage health care from the Mexican government for $341.00 per year. Mexican physicians, dentists, surgeons, and nurses provide quality care at 50% or more savings. Hospitals are 70-80% less for a stay. Doctors and Vets still make house calls. Mechanics, home maintenance, servants, public transportation, hotels, travel, electricity, restaurants and entertainment are a fraction of the cost when compared to what our NAFTA neighbors pay.

What are you waiting for? Your 401k has been slammed and you can’t have a decent lifestyle on your paltry social security benefits. Give me a call – I’ll set you straight and set you free. Or, if you just want a Mexican adventure weekend, with protection guaranteed by the government and business community , you can enjoy: Hotel (2 nights), transportation from the border (leave your car on the U.S. side), quick re entry to the U.S. and six gourmet meals included – $225.00 per couple.
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