Foreign Business

This section is intended to guide you in establishing your foreign owned mexican corporation and avoiding  the common pitfalls for foreign entrepreneurs.
Also, what the mexican economy has to offer you as an entrepeneur.
A 100% foreign owned Mexican corporation for buying real estate fee simple or operating a business.

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Most business activities in Mexico are unrestricted to foreign ownership. The minimum number of share holders is two and both can be foreigners, owning 100% of the company’s shares and assets. Business activity exceptions are: petroleum, energy, transportation, banking and fishing. Within these activities, with the exception of petroleum, foreign investor participation is allowed; subject to Commerce Department limitations.

Prior to 1993 Mexico, with some minor exceptions, excluded foreign investment in finance. Now, foreign banks can and do maintain majority shareholder interest in Mexican financial institutions. Biscaya – Bilbao, a Spanish bank, recently purchased Bancomer, one of Mexico’s largest banks.

Construction activities, until last year, were restricted to foreigners. As a result of NAFTA’s timetable for inclusion, U.S. and Canadian contractors can now compete with Mexican firms after establishing a Mexican corporation.

Another once restricted activity is agriculture. Now unrestricted, both small and large foreign growers, have created a boom in Baja produce shipped across the border and overseas.