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We all know that medical costs for humans in the United States are out of control. But, what about the cost of veterinary care? Living, in Mexico, with 3 dogs and 2 cats is something I could not afford in the U.S. – the vet bills would kill me. I don’t know how ya’all can afford, in these difficult times, the prices U.S. veterinarians charge.

Case in point: A client of mine, who resides in Northern California, called to ask if I knew a good veterinarian in Ensenada. His dog had a badly fractured leg that required surgery and the placement of a temporary pin while healing. The quote from his vet was $3,500.00.

I explained to my client that I, not only had a good vet; I had a past president of the College of Veterinary Medicine. A graduate of the most prestigious veterinary school in Mexico (UNNAM University in Mexico City). And, practicing medicine for 30 years. A general Veterinarian and surgeon.

My veterinarian, or I should say my pets’ veterinarian, of twenty years, is Doctora (Dr.) Maria Luz Hernandez Villela. She is “Beba” to all of her friends, colleagues and clients. Beba is, quite simply, the best animal doctor I have ever known – on either side of the border. She charged my client $480.00 for the three and one half hour surgery.

That is correct – $480.00 as opposed to $3,500. An 85% savings that included operating room charges, anesthesia and two surgeons. Dr. Roman Ramos collaborated with Beba in performing the surgery.

These two, skilled professionals, spent three and one half hours to complete the complex surgical procedure – a total of seven medical hours.. The difference in fees, of course, is based on the Mexican market as opposed to the U.S. market. But, there is another factor in this equation. These vets place their love of animals ahead of their pocket books.

In September of this year (2009), Dr. Beba and six other colleagues donated a weekend to spay 100 dogs in Guerrero Negro, Baja California Sur. And, plan to repeat the process on the island of Cedros, off the Baja coast, in the coming months. The pet owners are poor families that could not afford to neuter their dogs otherwise.

Beba devotes hundreds of hours each year, treating animals who would not otherwise receive treatment. She also works tirelessly to conserve endangered species like the Baja deer..

I mentioned Beba’s service as president of the college of Veterinarians. This was also unpaid volunteer work. Motivated by her zeal to provide the best continuing veterinary education possible. Throughout her career, she has organized international conferences to bring “state of the art” veterinary training to her colleagues in Baja California and the rest of Mexico.

Dedicated doctors, like Beba, Dr. Roman Ramos and Dr. Norma Fernandez, provide competent care to pets whose owners, oftentimes, can afford to pay very little or nothing at all.
For a variety of cultural and economic reasons, the demand for Veterinary care in Mexico is miniscule when compared to the United States. Therefore, it is undervalued. Proof positive are the three legged dogs you see everywhere in Mexico.

It is accepted as fact, among educated Mexicans: if you want to be a vet, in Mexico, you do not enter this profession for the money but for the love of animals.

I want to thank all the great vets in Ensenada who have provided such wonderful treatment to my pets and “foster pets” (estimates of 20 or more animals). Gracias, for keeping me out of the doggy poor house. I salute you and all my babies do too.


Doctor Beba can be contacted by calling:
Cell phone – 011 52 1 646 1941127

Doctor Roman Ramos and Norma Fernandez have their animal clinic & pet supplies (Arco de Noe) at: address- Cortez and Mexico Streets – next door to Pemex gas station. Tel. 011
52 646 1941127

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