Dr. Miguel Ortiz, General Dental Services, Root Canal or Implants in Ensenada


Foreigners, seeking medical services in Mexico, are generally motivated by the cost savings for treatment.  However, they are sometimes leery about the professional training or the medical technology available to Mexican physicians.  This is not the case with dental professionals.  Mexican dentistry enjoys a worldwide reputation for having the best dental schools while utilizing state of the art equipment in their treatment of patients.  Dr. Miguel Ortiz is a prime example.

Dr. Ortiz earned his D.D.S. degree in the 1980’s at one of the world’s most prestigious dental schools The National University of Mexico, School of Dentistry in Mexico City.  He then earned an endodontic (root canal) specialty from that same institution.   In 1992 he returned to his alma mater to receive a master’s degree in the then new science of dental implants.  So new was the procedure that his professors had only a few months of implant experience in their practice.  Dr. Ortiz was determined to be “the best implant specialist he could be”.   A perfectionist, he complemented his master’s degree in Mexico by furthering his studies at the prestigious Stultz Training Center in Northern California.  And, advanced bone surgery training at the Map Institute in Florida.

I have been referring U.S. and Canadian patients to Dr. Ortiz for the past fifteen years.  A result of my personal dentist, the best I have ever had the privilege of knowing, extolling Dr. Ortiz and his work as an implant specialist.  I am pleased to say that my referrals have met with one hundred and twenty percent satisfactions.  More than complete satisfaction with his work; patients tell me that his commitment to them is unprecedented in their experience with health professionals in general.   They report that Dr. Ortiz is considerate and obliging to their special concerns,   whether economic or emotional.  He is fluent in English and patiently addresses their questions and doubts about the procedure.  A doctor’s “bedside manner” is often as important as the procedure for treatment.  Dr. Ortiz has that ability to engage with folks.  He listens to his patients and calms their fears. Demonstrating understanding of their unique concerns and needs.

For this article, I sat down with Dr. Ortiz to better understand why he is so good at what he does.  Successful professionals whether in the arts, science or business, love what they do.  Such is the case with Dr. Ortiz. He decided to be a dentist at age ten.  His older sister was the inspiration.  She had a dental practice in Mexico City where Dr. Ortiz was born and raised.  He visited her office on a regular basis, fascinated by the value and importance of her work.

Dr. Ortiz came to Baja California on a visit in October of 1985.  He remembers the date because he experienced love at first sight with his new home: the warmth of Ensenada’s people, the ocean, and most important, an opportunity to bring new skills to the dental community of this provincial city.  The most respected dentist in Ensenada, at that time, was Dr. Carlos Gallegos Quinoz.  Dr. Gallegos needed help to handle the large volume of patients he attended.  Upon meeting Dr. Ortiz, he was so impressed by his training and dedication; he offered to share his practice with the young dentist.

A successful practice, especially dental implants requires careful and precise lab work. Dr. Ortiz has a state of the art laboratory in his clinic. This enables a patient to walk out of his office in an hour – dental implant firmly in place.  Thorough sterilization is insured by two separate sterilization machines. And, Dr. Ortiz minimizes trauma by practicing minimal invasion surgery.  Accomplished by using laser assisted periodontal therapy. His use of digital X rays reduces radiation exposure by 90%.  Dr. Ortiz says the huge Investment in technical equipment is essential for the best dental care possible.  The payoff is patient confidence that nothing has been spared to achieve the best and healthiest result possible.

Dr. Ortiz’s office is conveniently located near the entrance to downtown.  His clinic is next to the immigration office on the way to the container port.  Parking is never a problem.  Plenty of reserved spaces  at the entrance to the clinic.

When I asked what was the greatest reward Dr. Ortiz receives from his practice, he responded: “The way my patients greet me when I encounter them on the streets of Ensenada.  They give me hugs and express their gratitude for a job well done whether in Spanish or English.  That is what dentistry is all about for me – satisfied patients who are enjoying new found dental health.”

Whether you require general dental services, a root canal or implants.  Dr. Ortiz, practices state of the art “minimal invasion” dental surgery.  The results are less trauma and shorter recovery time.  As we say in my hometown Oakland – Dr. Ortiz, “He da man”.


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