Baja realtors reporting uptick in sales to foreign buyers-mostly U.S.


Realtors, Desert Realty in San Felipe, and broker Jose Aguilar and Arturo Novelo in Ensenada are reporting improved sales to foreigners.  Until August of this year foreign buyers, like our traditional Southern California and Arizona tourists,  were hardly seen on the streets of what were once busy tourist centers pre 2007.

This is not a “new boom” by any stretch of the imagination.  But, encouraging none the less.  Arturo Novelo, Ensenada’s leading broker and president of the Realtor Association (AMPI), has been doing well selling Ensenada real estate to Mexicans and Mexican Americans.  Especially folks who live in the summer inferno called Mexicali.  The Valle de Guadalupe is a hot real estate market for the “wine and horsey set” from any country – Mexico or foreign.  Guadalajara, Mexico City, Hermosillo, and Monterey are also  good markets for Ensenada properties.  So if smart money Mexicans are buying in Ensenada, it stands to reason that foreigners should take heed.  Ensenada properties are at bargain prices because our economy and job market are at their lowest in decades.

Chicanos are hip to the fact that the fear that exists among Anglos is a creation of yellow journalism.  Our Chicano brothers grew up in Santa Ana, Compton and Oakland.  They know rough neighborhoods.  And,  feel very safe on the streets of Ensenada or San Felipe.  They are buying property because they feel “en casa” here.  More so,  because of the discrimination resulting from irrational fears over undocumented workers.  When the economy goes bad immigrants suffer more.  So, ya’all gringos come down.  You know we love and miss you.  We promise to protect you.

San Felipe is “The Safest Place In the World” (see travel category, Mexicomatters)
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